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When Jerushan isn’t at university he is capturing pure Arsenal moments

When cultural moments occur sometimes we get so lost in the moment ball we have is the memory, that's why at all time you have to appreciate and respect the shooter.

One shooter that has been seen capturing possibly one of the biggest moments in North London in the last 10 years. So we decided to get to know him better and talk how this fan has created fans of his own with their common love for Arsenal FC!

Tell me about yourself and how you would describe when you first fell in love with your camera?

My name is Jerushan, I am in the final year of university and I am a long supporter of Arsenal Football Club. Photographing moments was always a family hobby, however when covid hit in lockdown, that was when I properly started getting interested in capturing scenery and landscape. I started off on with my iPhone and eventually bought a Canon M50 and since then things have been going well.

You have been capturing moments in this Arsenal 22/23 campaign, to many fans they appreciate the pics and save it for their LockScreen, how does that feel

how would you describe they way you have captured moments?

In all honesty, I never planned on taking my camera to games, all because of my friends hounding me made me bring it one day to Arsenal vs Aston Villa in August 2022 about 4/5 games into the season and that’s where I could see my skills lied. Seeibg my first set of photos gain that much traction on twitter and instagram and seeing the follower count go up ridiculously was overwhelming at first. I never pay attention to follower counts but seeing it rise felt like the next step had been reached. Forever grateful for everyone who supports and shares my pictures.

Candid moments shows a lot of raw emotions, can you remember a picture you have taken that you can feel the emotion?

The picture I would say that has captured and I can feel the most emotion in was really recent to be honest. The picture of the Ashburton Army under the railway bridge with the flares and the pyros is honestly one of my fave shots I have ever taken. Looking at it replays the whole experience inside the tunnel.

Have Arsenal football club reached out to shoot for them more and if they do what would a moment like that mean to you as a fan and a photographer?

Arsenal so far haven’t and it would honestly mean the whole world to me as it is a set target for me, but I have had big pages related to arsenal reshare and credit my photos.
Also had Martinelli post a picture of him and Gabi Jesus against Spurs in October with the help of Martinelli’s media team. And another time I found out Eddie had reposted a picture I took of him against Man United when he scored to make it 1-1

Where can the arsenal fan’s get to view and download your images ?

All photos can be viewed in my link in bio and then pressing on the Google drive
wallpapers for phone and desktop are usually available in there
with much more match photos in there

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