When you win these awards what are you really winning ?

As award season pops up in the 4th quarter and it’s night of the 2022 Mercury Prize awards the question comes to mind, outside of a trophy what are you winning when you do win ?

Little Simz took to Twitter in April to say she is postponing the US leg of her tour as an independent artist funding for her live shows out of her own pocket would have been very tough and not in the way to deliver to the standard expected by her.

That very selfless tweet to her fans had me in shock. Little Simz was nominated for 36 awards winning 10 award including lIvor Novello Award for Best album, a BET hip hop award for best flow, Best female Act at the 2021 Mobos, Best new act at the Brits and as of 18th October the winner for best album at the Mercury Prize awards.

Little Simz is an undeniable talent and her pen holds venom no doubt about it. So the real question is, what are these award shows doing for the artist?

Allegedly there is a £25k cash prize for the winner of the award and if that is the case do all award shows give a cash prize along with the trophy?

Some award shows make you pay for the table you sit on and some have to pay for the extras in a performance so there is a confusion who is really getting the look?

But what do these award shows really do? They who ask you to come down and get in your best to witness what we already knew, these are some talented people let's celebrate them!

What do the talented artists we celebrate get ?

Exposure: YES you get huge viewership and being on that stage gets you a lot of eyes and have the chance for more to join the tribe. To be put on TV screens and at times may get approached to perform on the night, a great way to display why you are here and nominated.

Spikes in playback: after Dave was seen at the Brits and gave such an impactful performance his streams for Black surged by 2000% and that alone could be the push needed to turn your career to a sustainable income stream and motivate you to your next pieces of work.

The trophy: To say on you did win in itself if a big flex and the opportunities that the artist and team sees also benefit in the future, independent or signed and when signed it gives the label another accolade.

The title:

Having the title of 'Best album' or 'Best newcomer' allows you being presented to others easier. PR team can definitely leverage that when in talks and that title can peak interest.

This article was created as a stream of thoughts in order to gain insight and an understanding as i think the information to these things are contributing factors to how an artist presents their art and should br discussed, would rather have the trophy if it didn't come with investment in your art? Are those factors mentioned above reasons why they are important to so many?

I'd love to hear any forms of feedback and thoughts on this!


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